Welcome To was created in 2004 as a small engine management & performance tuning company.
Over the last 11 years we have have grown into an internationally known performance solutions provider. We have managed to do this by treating every customers project needs as if they were our own. Our goal is to provide affordable quality parts & engine tuning solutions to our customers. We do offer more then what is on our website! Please contact us if you do not see something on our website that you are interested in. We are adding new products every day!

Featured Categories

chipped p28 Chipped Honda & Acura Ecus

A chipped ecu is a modified factory engine control unit (ECU) which is setup to read a 28 pin eprom chip. offers chipped ecus for those who don't have a obd1 ecu or for those whom do not want to experience any downtime by mailing in their ecu to be chipped.
ecu chipping Honda & Acura Ecu Chipping Services

Mail in your OBD1 Honda or Acura Engine Control Unit (ecu) for chipping & modification services.
basemap chip DIY Chip Kits, 28 Pin Eprom Chip Basemaps & more

Chip your own engine computer with a DIY chip kit or replace your current engine computers eprom chip with a basemap to improve performance!
hondata s300

Hondata Products is an authorized Hondata dealer. We offer a full line of Hondata S300, Hondata FlashPro & Hondata Kpro systems systems. We also offer Hondata ecu re-flashes, map sensors & more.
k20a engine

Engine Parts offers aftermarket cams, valvetrain, pistons, rods, intake manifolds, throttle bodys & much more.Brands like Skunk2, Brian Crower, Blox, ARP, Eagle, CP, Carillo, Golden Eagle & more.
precision turbo

Turbochargers, Turbo Manifolds & more!

Using quality turbo components is key when trying to build reliable horsepower. offers various lines of turbo chargers such as precision turbos, turbo kits, turbo manifolds & more.

Headers & Exhaust Systems

Airflow is one of the most important keys to making power. Using a quality header & exhaust system is a must.

Drivetrain Parts

Having the proper drivetrain components is key when trying to put power to the ground. offers various clutch kits, axles & more by popular brands such as competition clutch, clutch masters, drive shaft shop.
Injector Dynamics Injectors

Fuel Injectors, Pumps & Fuel Components

Running the proper sized injectors & fuel pump is very important. offers a wide variety of components for you to choose from. Brands include: Injector Dynamics, Walbro, Fuel It Up, Aeromotive, Deatschwerks & more!
map sensor

Map Sensors

Factory map sensors are limited to the amount of manifold pressure they can read. Turbo applications running more boost then the stock map sensor can handle should replace the factory map sensor with an aftermarket unit which can read higher levels of manifold pressure.
Dyno Sheet Dyno & E-Tuning Services

Honda & Acura tuning services available.
Featuring: Hondata Neptune, Ktuner, AEM, Crome & more!