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Tuning Hardware

$490.00 Hondata S300 Special: Buy a Hondata s300v3 system from us and have it installed in your ecu for free.Simply purchase a...

Free Domestic Shipping On Hondata K-Pro! Hondata KPro4 is the 4th generation board made by Hondata, superseding all previous versions, with a...

Free Domestic Shipping On Hondata FlashPro! Hondata FlashPro The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of late model performance...

What is KTuner? KTuner is a new tuning solution for K series applications. KTuner was originally designed for use on the 05-06 RSX platform, but can...

With this device (an abridged/modified version of the ALDU1), you can perform datalogging on your Honda ECU using USB as your PC interface. Comes with...
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Includes: 1. BURN2 Eprom Burner. 2. USB Cable.   USB Chip Programmer works with the AT29C256, 27SF512, and AM29F040 chips. Self-powered from the...
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Moates Demon2 Board - No Software included. This module only fits into USDM size obd1 honda ecus.

This is the newest Ostrich, the 2.0 unit. It is extremely small and compact, durable, versatile, and powerful. Full 921.6k speed, from 4k (2732A) up to 512k...