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by Phearable Staff

Introducing the Ktuner Stage 2 Tune For 10th & 11th Gen Honda Civic NON-SI K20c2 Vehicles.

- Performance tune with extensive development
- Compatible with both a manual or CVT, completely stock vehicle or with bolt-ons such as Intake, Downpipe, Frontpipe, Exhaust
- Dyno testing was done using a CVT transmission therefore no torque results are provided
- REAL DynoJet results: 166 HP
- Gain over 45+ HP over stock & 12+ HP over Ktuner Stage 1 tune on 93OCT or 91OCT WITH 2 GALLONS OF E85
- Gain over 35+ HP over stock & 4+ HP in mid range over Ktuner Stage 1 tune on 91OCT
- Improved Throttle Response
- Optimized MAF Scale
- Optimized Ignition Timing
- Optimized Vtec settings
- Optimized VTC settings
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Optional Pops & Bangs (Works at 3,000-5000 rpms on decel, requires aftermarket exhaust & may cause malfunction indication codes)
*Pops & bangs may not be very loud unless you are using a catless race downpipe. Both a standard and pops & bangs calibration will be provided for you to use if you opt for the feature.

Fuel Octane: 
91OCT, 92OCT, 93OCT, 94OCT, 95RON, 98RON octane supported
Tune is compatible with ethanol blend up to E20

Tune Revisions:
If you change your vehicle's modifications, we offer a tune revision service. Details can be found by clicking here.
Note: Your modifications must be compatible with the tune you purchased.

* Click here to purchase a Ktuner flash with the Phearable stage 2 tune & save!
* Click here to purchase the 10th Gen Civic Non-Si K20c2 Phearable stage 2 Tune!
* Click here to purchase the 11th Gen Civic Non-Si K20c2 Phearable stage 2 Tune!

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.