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by Phearable Staff

On 10/12/2023 we released multi-tune support for Phearable Hondata tunes.

If you already have a Phearable staged tune and want to have the multi-tune feature added to it, you may purchase a tune revision on our website by 
clicking here. Multi-tune is now setup standard on all Phearable Hondata staged tunes and tune revisions.

This new feature will allow you to select between multiple tune levels via the cruise control buttons.
This will allow you to select one that fits your driving style.

Multi tunes levels:
1 - Street1 - Base street settings with limited slip allowed. Designed for optimal traction.
2 - Street2 - More aggressive first and second gear than Street1 with more slip allowed.
3 - Race1 - More aggressive first, second and third gear than Street1 & Street2 with more slip and launch control slip allowed.
4 - Race2 - More aggressive first and second gear than all, traction control almost nonexistent and more launch control slip allowed.
5 - Valet - Less power output.

To select between tunes:
1. Switch off cruise control if it's on then wait several seconds.
2. Hold down the cruise control resume button.
The tachometer will show the selected tune, 1000rpm = #1 to 5000rpm = #5
Select the tune setting using the cruise control set and resume buttons.
The last selected tune will remain selected unless you unplug the vehicle's battery.
The flashpro unit does not have to remain connected.

Drive modes (For Civic Type-R and Integra Type-S Only):
Comfort mode has first and second gears dampened at wide open throttle for traction and the rest functions as it does stock. 
Sport mode increases power output at partial and full throttle.
R mode increases power output at partial throttle and retains the same wide open throttle power output as Sport mode.