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by Phearable Staff

Previously our off the shelf tunes for 1.5T Civic/Integra & 1.5T/2.0T Accord/Rdx/Tlx were configured based upon the intake maf housing only.
The tunes were compatible with most general modifications, but they were mostly a general configuration. They were a "one size fits all" tune.

Starting 3/10/2023 we have started implementing more customized calibrations for each customer's specific modifications.
This allows us to achieve better performance & drivability by taking each modification into account when creating each customer's calibration.

For example, someone may have a completely stock vehicle or one with just an intake. Another vehicle may have several bolt-ons such as intake, intercooler and downpipe and the tune can be customized specifically to take full advantage of those modifications. I.E. a stock intercooler doesn't perform nearly as well as an upgraded intercooler.

Commonly asked question:
- I already have a phearable staged tune and I have bolt-ons. Does this mean I have to get a tune revision for my modifications?
No, you do not. However, if you want to take advantage of all of your bolt-ons we can revise your tune specifically for your modifications to achieve better performance and drivability.
- Can I add a modification not compatible with the tune?
No, you can only specify modifications compatible with the tune. (Outlined on our website).
- Do you offer customized revisions to my liking. I.e. change boost levels for me or custom maf scaling?
No, we do not.

Tune revisions can be purchased on our website by clicking here.