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by Phearable Staff

Introducing the Stage 2.5 2017-2020 Honda Civic Si Flex Fuel Ktuner Tune.

Compatible with 2017-2020 Honda Civic SI 1.5 Turbo Vehicles.

- Custom tune with extensive development for use stock components or with bolt-ons such as intake, turbo inlet pipe, intercooler, downpipe, front pipe and exhaust.
- REAL DynoJet numbers 277 Horsepower 320 Torque in 90 degree weather. (Test vehicle was a 2020 Honda Civic Si 1.5T with a stock intake, PRL Flex fuel kit, Clutch Masters clutch, catted downpipe)
- Requires a FlexFuel kit that outputs a 0.5-4.5v scale to the ECU
- Target idle set at 740 rpms
- Full Throttle Shift at 5,000 rpms
- Optimized Fan Control Parameters
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Custom Ramped First Gear Boost Limit For Traction
- Rev Hang Delete (User adjustable)
- Advanced VSA Settings (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Responsiveness (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Padding (User adjustable)
- Launch Control (User adjustable)
- On The Fly Map Switching (User adjustable)
- 3 Adjustable power levels on the fly using cruise control buttons:
Level 1: Low Boost / ~21.5psi** (226 HP 271 TQ)
Level 2: Medium Boost / ~24psi** (251 HP 283 TQ)
Level 3: High Boost / ~27psi** (277 HP 320 TQ)
*Each boost level tapers down 1-2 psi in the higher rpms
*Peak boost levels are at E30-E35
*Power level target is the same with or without sport mode enabled
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions
*For use with the factory turbo ONLY

- OPTIONAL GOD MODE is available (Gurgles On Demand) with Cruise Main On Engaged & between 3500-5000 rpms under deceleration.
- GOD MODE IS AVAILABLE FOR 2017-2020 Honda Civic SI 1.5 turbo vehicles using a RACE Downpipe and KTUNER ONLY.

Fuel Requirements:
The Phearable stage 2.5 tune is designed to use with a flex fuel kit and e30-e35 fuel.
You can run 93 octane fuel or 91 at an absolute minimum. Power output on 93 octane is 243 hp and 288 tq

Tune Revisions:
If you change your vehicle's modifications, we offer a tune revision service. Details can be found by clicking here.
Note: Your modifications must be compatible with the tune you purchased

Purchase Phearable Stage 2.5 Tune. Purchase Phearable Stage 2.5 With Flex Fuel Kit.

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.