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by Phearable Staff

Introducing the Ktuner Stage 3 Tune For 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0L Turbo.

- Performance tune with extensive development
- Compatible with a completely stock vehicle
- Compatible with bolt-ons such as Intake (with stock sized maf), downpipe, front pipe, intercooler, exhaust.
- REAL DynoJet results: 301 HP 359 TQ on a completely stock 2021 Acura RDX 2.0L Turbo
- Power Gains: 54 HP 100 TQ over stock & 36 HP 58 TQ over Ktuner Stage 2 on 93 octane
- 91 Octane Version Produces 278 HP 318 TQ
- Optimized off the line acceleration by configuring the ecu to allow for boost to be built while holding the brake pedal
- Optimized first gear boost target
- Optimized Lower Vtec Engagement Point
- Optimized Fan Control Settings
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Each drive mode functions the way they were originally designed to
- Peak Boost Target is 24~24.5 psi in all drive modes
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions.

Fuel Octane:
Premium fuel is REQUIRED. 93oct+ recommended. QUALITY 91 octane can be used.
Use of lower quality fuel like California or Canada 91 octane may result in elevated k.con values which will increase knock retard.
If your fuel quality is poor, you may mix unleaded race fuel to achieve 93 octane or you may add 1.5 gallons of e85 per fill up from empty to increase fuel octane. This tune is not compatible with a flex fuel kit.

Tune Revisions:
If you change your vehicle's modifications, we offer a tune revision service. Details can be found by clicking here.
Note: Your modifications must be compatible with the tune you purchased

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.