Obd1 ECU Capacitor Replacement Kit


All Honda OBD1 ECUs are now 20-23 years old. ECUs have electrolytic capacitors which have a limited life.
When they fail, they often burst, leaking corrosive fluid and burning the circuit board which will cause failure.

Phearable.net offers a reliability upgrade where we will install 8 high quality replacement capacitors to protect your ECU.
This is preventative maintenance which prolongs the life of your ecu.

Capacitor kits are compatible with USDM obd1 and JDM obd1 Honda/Acura engine computers.

Note Regarding Our Installation Service: If your engine computer is malfunctioning replacing your ecu's capacitors will NOT fix the engine computer.
We do not offer ecu repair services as the parts needed for most repairs are no longer available.