Vtec Ecu Conversion Kit

I.E. 37820-p28-a02

This kit includes the necessary hardware needed to add vtec to a non-vtec obd1 engine computer.
You will need to also chip your ecu with a vtec basemap for the ecu to control vtec.
(You can use one of our DIY chip kits)

We do not recommend you attempt any ecu hardware modifications without circuit board soldering experience! If you would rather be safe, you should consider our ecu chipping services.

Compatible ecus: Obd1 p06, p05, p75, pr4

YOU MUST determine what type of ecu board you have when ordering this kit.
To determine this you must open your ecu.
The id number will be located on the top right hand side of the engine computer.

Make sure to select the board type below before adding the kit to your shopping cart!