KTuner Flash V1.2

Instructions on finding your ecu part number are listed on this page.
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Buy a Ktuner and get a Phearable.net Civic Stage 1.5 FREE or save $100 on the Phearable Accord 2.0T Stage 3 Tune!
(GOD mode and other tunes can be purchased separately)

How to check your ecu's part number tutorial (click here)

Phearable Tune Calibration Compatibility Notes:
Please make sure your ecu software & vehicle year/make/model are supported before purchasing.
2016+ CIVIC 1.5T NON-SI USERS: A list can be found on each tune's product page under the tuning software category of our website.
Please contact us with any questions.

KTunerFlash V1.2 tuning package comes with a single KTuner hardware unit paired with a single user license for the KTuner software.

  • This unit is locked to one ECU and allows you to alter the settings in your ECU.
  • Return to factory at any time and unlock the unit to resell.
  • This allows datalogging and reflashing right over your factory OBD2 port!
  • Store multiple tunes, including factory. Flash stored tunes directly from our TunerView App!
  • Note: Tunes are still created with the KTuner PC software.
  • On Board Logging, record datalogs without the need for a laptop.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for peripherals and the TunerView Android app.
  • Extended data parameters available on certain vehicles.
  • Diagnose any Honda/Acura CAN vehicle, even when already locked to a vehicle.
  • KTuner uses USB connectivity for fast data transfers.

Please see our list of supported vehicles for platform specific information.

Vehicle Applications For The KTuner Flash V1.2 and V2:

Civic Si 06-11
Civic Type-R 07-11
Civic Si 12-15
Civic R18 12-15
Civic 2.0 16-21
Civic 1.5T 16-21
Civic Si 1.5T 17-20
Civic Type-R 2.0T 17-21
Civic 1.5T 22+


ILX 2.4 13-15
ILX 2.4 16-20


Accord i4 08-12
Accord V6 08-12
Accord i4 13-17
Accord V6 13-17
Accord 1.5T 18+
Accord 2.0T 18+


TSX i4 07-08
TSX i4 09-14
TSX V6 09-14


TL Base 07-08
TL Type-S 07-08
TL 3.5 09-14
TL SH-AWD 3.7 09-14


TLX 2.4 15-17
TLX V6 15-20
TLX 2.0T 21+


S2000 06-09


MDX V6 07-13
MDX V6 14-15


RDX 2.0T 19+


Ridgeline V6 09-14


Fit 09-13
Fit 15-16


CR-V 1.5T 17+


CR-Z 11-16


Element 07-08

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.