Chipped Obd1 Vtec Ecu

*I.E. 2000 Acura Integra Type-R
*I.E. 2000 b18c5
Manual Only
Do not use off brand injectors that are cheap please. They do not work.
Stock, Aftermarket Size & Brand.
Compression, Turbo, Cams Etc.
Optional, speed sensor must work
By checking this box you agree this item is not being used on a vehicle that is driven on public roads.
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Software Tuning Brands

Gain up to 15 whp with a chipped ecu.
Dyno proven results (click for a larger view):
Dyno Results

Included Features
Dyno proven custom timing & fuel maps. Free!
Speed governor removed. Free!
Check Engine Shift Light. Free!
2 step (launch control) Free!
Knock sensor removed. Free!
Vtec speed limit removed. Free!
4 pin header at cn2 for use with logging hardware. Free!
Compatibility: Hondata s100/s200, Neptune, eCtune, Crome, Uberdata, Moates products & more! Free!

Not familiar with what a chipped ecu is or any of these terms?:
Click here to view our technical FAQ/Article on ecu tuning.

Chipped obd1 ecu vehicle plug & play compatibility
: chipped obd1 ecus will plug & play into 92-95 honda/acuras.
Vehicles pre-92 & 96-01 vehicles will require a ecu plug conversion harness to use the ecu.

Vehicle/Motor application list:
* Manual Vehicles only.
- Acura Integra GS, RS, LS, b18a, b18b
- Acura Integra GSR, b18c1, b18c
- Acura Integra Type-R b18c5 jdm and usdm
- Honda Civic & Del Sol b16 and jdm b16b
- Honda Civic Dx, Lx, Ex all dseries motors. D16z6 D16y8, Mini-Me Setups, D16y7 with 2 wire iacv.
- Honda Prelude H23/H22 vtec & non-vtec motors.
- Built motors with aftermarket cams, pistons etc.
- B20 VTEC conversions & Ls/Vtec motors.
- Turbocharged & Supercharged motors.
- And more... please inquire.

Why choose
- tests all ecus before shipping units to customers.
- has extensive tuning experience & knowledge.
-'s basemaps are based off dyno proven fuel & timing maps.
- uses professional hakko tools.

How long will it take for me to receive my chipped ecu?:
Your ecu will be shipped within 1-2 business days.
Delivery time is 2-5 days on average via usps priority mail.

Ordering Parameters Notes: What if I don't know what vtec point or revlmit to use?:
Simply leave the field blank & will provide the best setting for your engine setup.
If you would like the 2 step or cel shiftlight feature but do not know what rpm you would like it at, simply specify YES in the field.
*We do not recommend the 2 step unless you know exactly what rpm you want it set at. The feature can't be adjusted without re-programming the ecu.

1. A basemap is made for your application, however if the basemap tune is not 100% spot on you may require further tuning by a local honda/acura tuner. We DO NOT offer revisions/replacement basemaps if you have any kind of issue what so ever. Basemaps are AS IS.
2. A chipped ecu with a basemap will not fix mechanical/electrical issues with a vehicle.
3. We do not accept returns or exchanges.

Note: For off road use at sanctioned events only.