B&R Fittings Honda/Acura Stock Fuel Filter to Fuel Rail Kit


This kit goes from the stock fuel filter to the fuel rail. The line comes complete, with the fittings for the fuel filter and fuel rail.


1992-2000 Honda Civic/Del Sol (B, D and H-series motors)

1990-2001 Acura Integra (B, D, and H-series motors)

The only option for fuel line size is AN 6. So when you choose the fuel rail option you are picking the inlet size only. For example AEM has a AN 6 female inlet. So you will receive a AN 6 O-ring boss fitting to AN 6 male fitting. For GE & BDL they have AN 8 female inlets. So you will receive AN 8 O-ring boss to AN 6 male fitting. If you have a stock fuel rail you will receive a 12mm to AN 6 banjo fitting. Please reuse the stock dampening washer which goes on the left of the banjo fitting. We will supply you with a new copper sealing washer for the right side of the banjo fitting.