Injectordynamics Fuel Injectors

Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors. Best injectors on the market!
ID725, ID850, ID1000, ID1300, ID1700, ID2000

These adapters allow you to plug and play OBD2 Honda Acura engine harness injector plugs into USCAR style injectors. Vehicle Fitment Compatibility...

Bosch's newest generation injectors are now available in a 1050cc saturated injector!! The ID1050x is the evolution of the ID1000, and the latest addition...

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Injector Dynamics ID1700 is the most recent creation from Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsports. The ID1700 was designed to fill the gap between...

EV1 To USCAR (ID1000/725/850) Obd1 Honda EV1 To USCAR (ID1000/725/850) These adapters allow you to plug and play any obd0/obd1 honda engine harness...

Features: Corrosion resistant internals make it compatible with all known fuels, capable of extended service life with corrosive fuels. Compact body...

OBD2 Honda To Denso (ID2000)

EV1 Obd1 Honda to Denso (ID2000)

The ID2600-XDS was developed specifically for use with liquid fuels, featuring corrosion resistant internals, and long term compatibility with ethanol and...