Walbro 350LPH HP Fuel Pump Kit


Factory Honda & Acura fuel pumps are not designed to flow over 200 whp on a constant bases. Upgrading your fuel pump to ensure you are not running out of fuel pressure is a must on any performance application naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, nitrous etc.

Walbro High Volume Fuel Pumps can handle up to 600 Whp! - One of the leading original equipment fuel pump suppliers, Walbro fuel pumps set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Walbro has entered into the performance world with the hottest selling and most frequently used performance pumps on the market.

TI Automotive's new GSS fuel pumps are lapping the field with increased flow rates of 350lph. Our proven, robust gerotor technology is inside every 39mm straightwall GSS 350, perfect for forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged) applications. We've launched three 350lph pump versions giving you multiple options to fuel your adrenaline because fast matters!

Three versions of 350 lph pumps to help you find the correct pump for your needs:

  • Features an upgraded outlet design with improved one piece construction
  • OE quality
  • 39mm diameter
  • Easily mountable to new or existing in-tank hangers

Other features & benefits:

  • Positive displacement for robust performance
  • Manufactured in TI Automotive's Caro, Michigan plant

Fuel: GAS

Horsepower: 600

Flow Rate (lph): 350

Flow Rate (gph): 90

Pressure (psi): 40

Inlet Diameter & Configuration:
GSS350G3 – 22mm Center Inlet
GSS351G3 – 11mm Inlet – 180° from the outlet
GSS352G3 – 11mm Inlet – Inline with the outlet