MTX-D: Water Temperature & Battery Voltage Gauge Kit

The new Innovate Motorsports MTX Digital Series ?Dual Function? Water Temperature & Battery Voltage is now available! This ?Dual Function? gauge is the perfect way to monitor critical engine parameters on one display. The 2 1/16? (52mm) gauge features a water resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, locking connectors for simplified installation, and MTS serial connections used to connect with other Innovate devices for logging to your PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, LM-2, DL-32, or ???

(OT-2 for logging to your Apple device not included. LogWorks Mobile v1.13+ required, coming soon.)

? Water Temperature
o Display in either degF or degC
o Water Temp Warning (seven-segment)
? Battery Voltage
o Program exterior LED ranges vs Color
o Program Voltage Warning (outer LEDs)

? Gauge (Black Faceplate, Black Bezel)
? Silver Bezel & White Faceplate
? Program Cable (Serial)
? Thermistor
? Quick Start Installation Guide (Full manual on CD)
? Software CD (LogWorks & LM Programmer)
P/N: 3853