Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR)


Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR)

Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit CPR is a revolutionary solution to ignition problems. The system allows you to use coil on plug on engines with distributor based ignition systems B, D, F and H series Honda engines. The system replaces the stock ignition coil coil and ignition control module with an electronic circuit which can drive igniter type individual ignition coils. A Hondata S300 system is required to use the CPR system.

What does the Hondata CPR come with?

The Hondata CPR comes with a wiring harness for your coil packs, a coil pack controller and fly leads for connecting to your distributor and ECU. The CPR is typically positioned next to the ECU inside the car.

  • More spark energy than a single coil, allowing a larger plug gap and fewer misfires.
  • Individual coils are more durable and less likely to fail than the stock igniter and coil.
  • No exposed plug leads results in less interference to other electronics on the vehicle.
  • Additionally, the Coil Pack Retrofit can drive a CDI controller if desired.
  • Hondata S300 system (not included).
  • 4 x coils
  • Resistor plugs must be used.
  • The coils require a method of retention. B16A, B18C & F22A engines may use the stock plug cover. Other engines require an alternative method of coil retention (not supplied).
  • This is a race product. Cranking times may be increased over a stock ignition set up.
  • For detailed installation instructions click here.

- Can I remove the distributor?

No. It is needed for the timing signals. See the CPR help file for more details.

- The Coil Pack Retrofit can be used with capacitive discharge ignition systems, such as M&W Pro-14, Autronic 500R or Motec 41011. Note that a CDI controller must be used - the Coil Pack Retrofit will not drive capacitive coils directly.
The CDI controller will be triggered from the Coil Pack Retrofit coil trigger outputs. The Coil Pack Retrofit produces a rising edge trigger for the coil packs, so the CDI controller should be configured to use a rising edge trigger.

Does this sytem work with any other engine management?
NOT AT THIS TIME. At this time ONLY hondata s300 works with it.
"The S300 needs to output a synchronization signal to the coil driver."
The system communicates with the ALTC (alternator control) output.

*For Offroad Use Only.