Hondata K-Pro ECU Reference

ECU Connectors Country

Vehicle of Origin



Reverse Lock

(A01-A08 & 305)
OBD2 (white plug) US 02-04 RSX Type-S X   X X X X 5,6
OBD2 (white plug) US 05-06 RSX Type-S           NOT COMPATIBLE WITH K-PRO  
PND(A01-A09) OBD2 (white plug) US 02-04 RSX Base X X X X   X 1,2,5
PNF OBD2 (white plug) US 02-04 Civic SI X
X X   X 1,5
PRA OBD2 (white plug) UK 02-05 Euro Civic Type R X   X   X X 4,5,7,8
PRC OBD2 (white plug) JDM 02-05 Integra Type R X   X X XX 6,7
PRD OBD2 (white plug) JDM 02-05 Civic Type R X   X X X X 6,7
PPA OBD2 (white plug) US 02-04 CRV X X X X   X 1,3,5

We can only reflash ECUs with a working ECU/immobilizer/key combination. Because of this we cannot reflash PRA, PRC, PRD or PPA ECUs.


  1. If this ECU is used with a 6 speed transmission, reverse lockout will not work.
  2. PND A5# can be used only with Automatic transmissions and only reflash programs are available for this ECU.
  3. Use of this ECU is only recommended for motor swaps, as we do not offer any programs for the CRV. 
  4. This ECU does not use a wideband oxygen sensor and is not compatible with US or JDM vehicles.
  5. Only Manual ECU's can be used with the K-Pro
  6. PRB-A13 ECU's are not reflash or K-Pro compatible (2005 RSX).
  7. Nitrous features will not work with this ECU.
  8. PRA can only be used in European vehicles by European Dealers.  Not for use in any other situation.