Hondata S300 Wideband Setup Guide

Wiring Information:
1. Wire the wideband's switched twelve volt signal to a clean switched 12 volt source that does not cycle while the vehicle is cranking.
2. Wire the wideband's ground wire to a clean ground source (battery).
3. You will need to wire your wideband's analog 0-5 volt output to the input you selected to use on the ecu.
(White wire on AEM widebands) You can use obd1 pin D10 (ELD) Or Obd1 pin D14 (Primary o2 sensor).
When using an innovate mtx-l the signal wire is yellow. When using an aem uego the signal wire is white.
When using a PLX wideband the signal wire is what ever color output you selected (Usually gray).
* Make sure to cut the wire at the ecu and only using the ecu side of the wire.
*Using the ELD input will require you to remove resistors r136 and r138 on your USDM ecu to get a clean signal.
These resistors can be remove with a small pair of dikes/cutters.
Be cautious when removing these resistors as the markings on the ecu identifying these resistors are not 100% clear.
The two light blue resistors are r136 and r138. Do not remove the brown resistor between them.

Software Setup:
1. Open the Smanager software.
2. Open your calibration file & click online then click upload.
3. Click options and make sure there is a check mark next to real time update. If there is not click real time update.
4. Click on Paremeters then click the Closed Loop Advanced tab.
5. Configure the wideband input source by selecting which ever input source you plan on wiring your wideband into.
6. Once your input source is selected you will need to configure your voltage conversion table using the charts pictured:

Note: When using an AEM X-Series wideband use the following data for the Voltage / Air Fuel Conversion:
0.50 Volts = 8.50 Air Fuel Ratio | 2.50 = 13.25 Air Fuel Ratio | | 4.50 = 18.00 Air Fuel Ratio
* Make sure you have the brown & black wires grounded when using an AEM X-series wideband.

7. Make sure Smanager is setup to display AF (Air Fuel Ratio). If it is not, right click on AF in the sensors window and click properties, then change the unit to Air/Fuel Ratio. Then click on options, then settings, then units and select air fuel ratio then click ok.
8. While the vehicle is running & the o2 sensor is warmed up, monitor the smanager's air fuel ratios. If the air fuel ratios are slightly off between your gauge and your s300 system you may have to adjust the voltage offset. You can use a negative or positive value for an offset. For example -0.06 or 0.06
9. Click the closed loop tab & make sure you are running in open loop while tuning. Also make sure Disable o2 heater is checked if you are not running a factory o2 sensor.