How to find your ecu software or Ktuner serial number via Ktuner.

How to check your ecu's software version:
You can visually inspect your ecu's part number on the ecu located on the drivers side of the engine bay near your intake.
The part number is printed on a white sticker on the left side of the ecu and starts in 37820
You may need to use a mirror or cell phone camera to be able to see the sticker. (Picture & instructions can be found by clicking here)

If you already have a Ktuner Flash:
1. Open Ktuner Software.
2. Click on Tools.
3. Select Ktuner Unit Info.
4. Check the number under the Software column.
5. Make sure your ecu is listed on our compatibility list.
Note: Your ecu's part number is not always the same as ecu's software number.

How do I find my Ktuner serial number?:
The serial number should start with the letters "KT".
Note: The unit number displayed on your Ktuner v2 is not the serial number.
The serial number is printed on Ktuner flash v1.2 units on a sticker or on a sticker of the box for a Ktuner flash v2 touch.
Alternately it can be found in the Ktuner software when connected to the unit:
1. Connect to the Ktuner unit using the Ktuner software.
2. Click on Tool then click on Reflash Info.
3. Click on KTuner Units.