How to upload a tune to a Ktuner Flash V2 Touch tune slot and upload it to your ecu

How to upload a calibration to your ecu via a Ktuner Flash V2 Touch tune slot:
1. Connect your ktuner v2 flash to your vehicle and lock it to the vehicle.
2. Download ktuner flash software from to your windows computer.
3. Please download the attached file to your windows computer and take note of what folder you save it to.
4. Open Ktuner on your windows computer. Make sure to create an account when prompted to.
5. Connect your ktuner flash v2 touch to your windows computer via usb cable.
6. Click File and select open tune then select the tune calibration you downloaded.
7. A prompt will appear stating "This Tune Is Partially Locked From Editing And Tuning Maps May Not Be Visible."
8. Click Ok.
9. Click the up arrow icon.
10. You will be prompted to confirm you are going to upload a calibration. Click Yes.
11. Enter a description in the description field such as Phearable Tune.
12. Click on 1 (slot 1).
13. The tune should start uploading to the device.
14. Once completed, unplug the device from the laptop and take it to the vehicle and plug it in to the obd2 port.
15. Also make sure your battery is fully charged on the vehicle or it is hooked up to a charger.
16. Power on the ignition to the ignition on / engine off position (depress the stop start button twice without depressing the brake or clutch pedals).
17. Enter the Ktuner flash v2 menu by clicking on the top left of the screen.
18. Press the Ktuner icon on the top left.
29. Press the flash icon.
20. Select Tune 1
21. You will be prompted "Are you sure you want to flash this tune?" (Phearable Tune)
22. Select Yes
23. Once completed the ktuner device will state the flash was successful.