Neptune RTP Wideband Setup

1. Open the calibration you are wanting to edit.

2. Click edit, then click preferences, click the logging tab.

3. Select the input you want to datalog from (input you wired your wideband to).
*Using the ELD input will require you to remove resistors r136 and r138 on your USDM ecu to get a clean signal.
These resistors can be remove with a small pair of dikes/cutters.
Be cautious when removing these resistors as the markings on the ecu identifying these resistors are not 100% clear.
The two light blue resistors are r136 and r138. Do not remove the brown resistor between them. (For a picture click here)

3. Select the wideband you have in the pre-sets or add your wideband's settings if not listed. To add a wideband Click the + under Wideband, and + twice on the voltage side and manually enter the voltage/air fuel ratio data for your wideband's output.

4. Your wideband Offset should start at 0, if your gauge reads differently then neptune you may need to alter the wideband offset.

5. For Gas Type Select "14.7 Gasoline w/ Additives"