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Mishimoto Performance Air Intake, fits Honda Accord 1.5T 2018+

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Give your 2018+ Honda Accord 1.5T the attitude and power it deserves with this Mishimoto Performance Air Intake. Honda might have left the V6 behind with the 10th generation Accord, but in its place sits a turbocharged 1.5L that's capable of cranking out 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. While Honda designed the Accord to be a quiet and comfortable daily driver, some want extra growl from their turbocharged Accord. Luckily, Mishimoto is here to deliver. The Mishimoto Performance Air Intake for your 2018+ 1.5T Accord alleviates restriction in the intake system, starting with our precision rotational-molded airbox and high-flow filter. The airbox helps insulate the filter from engine bay heat, while the enlarged fresh-air inlet increases the flow of cool outside air from between the grille and the hood. The high-flow filter is oiled to protect your precious turbocharger and engine, and washable to ensure long-term performance. Next, we CNC-machined the MAF housing from high-grade aluminum to ensure smooth flow and proper MAF sensor calibration. Our MAF housing, in tandem with our silicone coupler, allows the intake to flow better while maintaining safe air-fuel ratios. Altogether, our improvements to the 1.5T's intake system give the Accord a much-needed attitude adjustment. On top of the added aggressive engine tone, our intake reduces restriction by over 46-percent for max power gains of 7.8 horsepower and 7.2 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. The Mishimoto 2018+ Honda Accord 1.5T Performance Air Intake is a direct fit, with no other modifications or tune needed. And, like all Mishimoto Accord products, this intake includes our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of performance.