Hondata 2017-2021 Civic Type-R MAF500


****If you are using a PRL HVI with a RACE MAF housing and you plan on making less than 550 horsepower, you do NOT need a Hondata MAF500 sensor.****

The Hondata MAF 500 sensor replaces your Civic Type R (FK2/FK8) MAF sensor to increase the CTR MAF air metering range from 300 g/s to 500 g/s. With a stock MAF sensor you will reach the maximum range with a stock turbo, airbox and bolt-ons. When this happens the fueling becomes inaccurate.

The Hondata CTR MAF 500 accurately measures 60% more air with the stock airbox, which allows you to tune up to around 640 hp.

Installation involves unplugging the stock sensor and re-using the same two phillips screws to install the new sensor. A FlashPro modification file is provided with this sensor.