Save 20% Ktuner 2017-2020 Honda Civic SI Stage 1.5 RACE Tune

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Introducing the Stage 1.5 RACE Honda Civic Si Tune For Ktuner.
Compatible with 2017-2020 Honda Civic SI 1.5L Turbo Vehicles.

Differences Between Stage 1.5 & Stage 1.5 RACE:
- GAIN 13 Hp 24 Tq Over Phearable Stage 1.5
- Optimized Fuel & Ignition Tuning More Power
- Increased Fuel Pressure
- Increased Low End Power
- Increased Turbo Response
- Increased Boost Target From 25psi to 26psi on Level 3.
- Optimized 800 rpm Idle Speed For Use With Aftermarket Motor Mounts
- Increased Revlimit To 6800 rpms

- Custom tune with extensive development for stock vehicles or vehicles with bolt-ons such as intake, turbo inlet pipe, intercooler, downpipe, front pipe, exhaust.
- Compatible with various intakes. (Choose intake when ordering).
- REAL DynoJet results 249 HP 302 TQ on a completely stock Honda Civic si 1.5L turbo vehicle.
- Power Gains: 81 Hp 110 Tq Over Stock Tune, 13 Hp 24 Tq Over Phearable Stage 1.5
- Optimized 800 rpm Idle Speed For Use With Aftermarket Motor Mounts
- Optimized Fan Control Parameters
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Custom Ramped First Gear Boost Limit For Traction
- Full Throttle Shift at 5,000 rpms
- Revlimit at 6,800 rpms
- Rev Hang Delete (User adjustable)
- Advanced VSA Settings (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Responsiveness (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Padding (User adjustable)
- Launch Control (User adjustable)
- On The Fly Map Switching (User adjustable)
- 3 Adjustable power levels on the fly using cruise control buttons:
Level 1: Low Boost / ~19.5psi** (212 HP 262 TQ)
Level 2: Medium Boost / ~22psi** (226 HP 281 TQ)
Level 3: High Boost / ~26psi** (249 HP 302 TQ)
*Power level target is the same with or without sport mode enabled.
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions.
Note: For use with a stock turbo only. An aftermarket turbo will need a custom tune.

Fuel Octane:
HIGH QUALITY 93 Octane REQUIRED. Compatible with up to E15.
If you only have access to 91 octane you can use 91 Octane with 1.5 Gallons of e85 per fill up from empty. Use of lower quality fuel may result in elevated k.con values which will increase knock retard.
This tune is not compatible with a flex fuel kit. You would need our stage 2.5 flex fuel tune to run a flex fuel kit.

How to check your ecu's software version or find your ktuner serial number (click here).

Tune Revisions:
If you change your vehicle's modifications, we offer a tune revision service. Details can be found by clicking here.
Note: Your modifications must be compatible with the tune you purchased.

Note: All sales are final. If you order the tune for a vehicle other than a compatible vehicle you cannot be refunded.
Tune files are emailed within the processing time selected when you place your order. Tune files are not transferable. Support is provided to the original purchaser only. Tune files are locked from editing a majority of parameters. Tune files do not include any tune revisions or remote tuning.

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.