Ktuner Stage 1.5 RACE Tune 2016-2021 Honda Civic NON-SI 1.5L Turbo + GOD Mode

Example: 5AN-A6x
List stock, or any modifications such as intake etc.
Please review supported fuel octanes for the tune you are purchasing.
Confirm you have checked your ecu software number and requirements.
Have datalogs reviewed to ensure everything is working the way it should.
Confirm you have paddle shifters if using a CVT transmission.
By checking this box you agree all sales are final and to our terms of service. You are confirming that this service is not being used on a vehicle that is driven on public roads.

Introducing the Stage 1.5 RACE Tune For 2016-2021 Honda Civic 1.5L NON-SI Turbo Manual and CVT Transmission Applications.

Compatible Software Numbers Supporting Map Switching + GOD Mode:

5AA-A0x 5AA-A1x 5AA-A57 5AA-A67 5AA-A7x
5AA-A8x 5AA-A9x 5AA-C0x 5AA-C1x 5AA-C57
5AA-C67 5AA-C8x 5AA-C9x 5AA-K0x 5AA-K1x
5AA-K2x 5AA-L58 5AA-L68 5AA-L7x 5AA-L9x
5AA-X0x 5AF-H8x 5AJ-A5x
5AJ-L6x 5AN-95x 5AN-A0x 5AN-A1x 5AN-A2x
5AN-A3x 5AN-A5x 5AN-A6x 5AN-A7x 5AN-A8x
5AN-A9x 5AN-AFx 5AN-AGx 5AN-AHx 5AN-AJx
5AN-ARx 5AN-B5x 5AN-C0x 5AN-C1x 5AN-C3x
5AN-C5x 5AN-C6x 5AN-C7x 5AN-CAx 5AN-CCx
5AN-CFx 5AN-CHx 5AN-CRx 5AN-C4x
5AN-K6x 5AN-K8x 5AN-L5x 5AN-L6x 5AN-L8x
5AN-L9x 5AN-ALx
5AJ-A6x 5AN-LHx 5AN-LJx
5AN-LRx 5AA-A57
5AN-CBx 5AA-L55*5AG-QGx

Ecu software notes: *x= anything therefor if your ecu has the part number 37820-5AN-A02 then your ecu software is likely 5AN-A0x.
NOTE: If your vehicle's ecu software is not listed please do not place an order.

If the ecu software number has a * before it, this means the current ecu software version is known to not have map switching.

What if I don't see my ecu listed as compatible with the GOD mode version of the stage 1.5 tune?:
Please contact us to see if we are planning on adding support.

How to check your ecu's software version or find your ktuner serial number (click here).

Some international ecu software numbers use ktuner's beta calibrations which may produce start/stop system error while using the calibration. International ecu software numbers may not offer all of the features listed, including map switching.
Some ecu software numbers do not have full time closed loop resulting in air fuel ratios which are not on target.
We cannot add these features. Off the shelf tunes do NOT include maf re-scaling services.

Differences between Stage 1.5 and Stage 1.5 RACE:
- Improved turbo response/spool time
- Power repeatability is increased due to the elimination of artificial knock control rise
- Gain 6 HP 7 TQ over Stage 1.5
- Added international ecu support

- GOD MODE (Gurgles On Demand with Cruise Main On Engaged & between 3500-5000 rpms under deceleration.)
*** REQUIRES CATLESS RACE DOWNPIPE and exhaust. CVT models require paddle shifters to be able to utilize GOD mode.

- Custom tune with extensive development for stock vehicles and vehicles with bolt-ons such as intake, turbo inlet pipe, intercooler, downpipe, front pipe and exhaust.
- REAL DynoJet results: 226 HP 275 TQ on a complete stock Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo NON-SI
- Power Gains: 45 Horsepower 80 Torque
- Artificial Knock Control Rise DISABLED
- CVT tune is producing slightly less torque than the manual tune below 4500 rpms to reduce strain on the CVT transmission.
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Rev Hang Delete (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Response (User Adjustable)
- Advanced VSA Settings (User adjustable)
- Full Throttle Shift At 5,000 rpms (Manual Vehicles With Supported ECU Software Only)
- Launch Control (User adjustable) *For manual trans only.
- On The Fly Map Switching (User adjustable) *For supported software numbers only.
- 3 Adjustable power levels on the fly using cruise control buttons:
Level 1: Low Boost / ~15psi** (190 HP 200 TQ)
Level 2: Medium Boost / ~20psi** (205 HP 252 TQ)
Level 3: High Boost / ~24psi** (226 HP 275 TQ)
*Power level target is the same with or without Eco mode enabled.
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions.
*For use with the factory turbo ONLY.

Premium fuel is REQUIRED. 93oct+ recommended 91oct at absolute minimum. Use of lower quality fuel may result in elevated k.con values which will increase knock retard. If your fuel quality is poor you may add 1.5 gallons of e85 per fill up from empty to increase fuel octane. This tune is not compatible with a flex fuel kit. You would need a custom e tune to run a flex fuel kit.

GOD Mode Warning:
The Ktuner Stage 1.5 Tune WITH GOD MODE should only be used with a RACE downpipe and exhaust.
A crackle type tune requires extra fuel and negative ignition timing to create a crackle effect during deceleration which can cause damage to engine components after prolonged use. We are not responsible for any damages to you or your vehicle.
GOD mode calibrations are prone to use more fuel then non-god mode calibrations due to the nature of what needs to occur for god mode to work.
***Some ecu software numbers will have honda sensing / body control module errors when using a GOD mode calibration. There is nothing we can do to resolve such errors.

Note: All sales are final. If you order the tune for a vehicle other than a compatible vehicle you cannot be refunded.
Tune files are not transferable. Support is provided to the original purchaser only. Tune files are locked from editing a majority of parameters. Tune files do not include any tune revisions or remote tuning.

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.