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Custom Remote Tuning Service - Etune

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*I.E. 2000 b18c5
Compression, Turbo, Cams, Fuel System Etc.
Stock, GM 3 bar, Motorola 2.5 ba
If applicable.
If applicable.
Click Tools Then Ktuner Unit Info
Must have catless race downpipe, exhaust and compatible ecu software number. Paddle shifters required for CVT models.
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Want to have your race vehicle dialed in perfectly?
Want to take advantage of every performance part on your vehicle/atmospheric conditions/fuel quality?
A custom etune is the solution for you. With years of experience we calibrate your vehicle to perfection.
We start by sending you a calibration made for your application and have you record datalogs to send to us for review.
We send you revisions and repeat the dataloging process until the vehicle is dialed in.
This process will yield a much more refined tune than your typical dyno tune where a vehicle is on a dyno for a small amount of time without real world temperatures, load and wind conditions.

Engine Management Options:
- Hondata FlashPRO
- Hondata K-Pro
- Hondata S300
- Ktuner
- AEM Series 2
- AEM Infinity
- Neptune RTP

Services Include:
Fuel Map Tuning
Ignition Timing Tuning
Cam angle (vtc) tuning for your application
Vtec Engagement Tuning
Revlimit / 2step / Anti Lag Setup
Boost Control Setup
Knock Control Tuning
and more.

What do I need to have my vehicle etuned?
1. Laptop computer with your tuning software installed and operational.
2. Wideband O2 sensor properly installed if using Hondata S300, Neptune RTP.
(KTuner, Kpro, and FlashPro systems can use the factory wideband sensor)
3. Be able to operate your tuning software to upload basemap revisions and record datalogs. (We can provide instructions)
4. Vehicle must be ready to tune. Vehicle must not be using any off brand (cheap) injectors, fuel pump, map sensor etc.

How does the eTuning process work?
1. We receive your order for your eTune along with your engine setup details.
2. We create an initial calibration file to upload to your ecu to start datalogging with.
3. You will receive an email with your calibration along with information on driving routines we need you to datalog.
4. You will then download the calibration to your laptop, then upload it to your ECU.
5. You will begin driving your vehicle while datalogging and save the datalog(s) when completed.
6. You will email the datalog(s) file as an attachment to us.
7. We will review your datalog(s) and modify the calibration as needed using the information obtained from your datalog(s).
8. We will email a revised version of your calibration to you along with any specific instructions on data we may want you to sample.

Terms & Conditions:
Etunes expire 180 days after purchasing. Please make sure your car is actually ready to tune.
Customer's which do not complete their etune due to mechanical problems or any other issues will NOT be eligible for a refund.
Customer's cannot change their vehicle's specifications after/during an etune.
Change of specifications will require a new etune to be purchased.
Methanol/Auxiliary fuel systems are considered a second fuel.
Calibration files are locked and will not be unlocked.

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.