Tune Revision Service

Please review supported fuel octanes for the tune you are purchasing.
Warning: A lot of use may result in possible wear/damage.
Have datalogs reviewed to ensure everything is operating as it should.
By checking this box you agree all sales are final and to our terms of service. You are confirming that this service is not being used on a vehicle that is driven on public roads.
+ Tune Revision Service For Off The Shelf Staged Tunes.
This service allows you to have your Phearable tune revised for new modification changes to your vehicle.
Tune revisions can only be purchased by the original purchaser for the original tune you purchased.
Tunes can only be modified for modifications & fuel octane compatible with the tune you originally purchased.
In other words, if you have a tune that isn't a flex fuel tune, you can't ask for a revision to a non-flex fuel tune to add a flex fuel kit. Same applies for something like an upgraded turbo, if the tune you have isn't designed for an upgraded turbo you cannot request to revise it for an upgraded turbo.

Hondata Specific Throttle Mapping / Multi-Tune:
Street and Race throttle mapping options have been discontinued.
Multi-tune is now standard. Read more about it on our blog by clicking here.

Full Throttle Shift Notes For FK8/FL5/DE5: 
Full Throttle Shift is no longer automatically enabled on calibrations due to people resting their foot on their clutch and having premature engagement. If you want full throttle shift enabled, please make a note on the order comments.

Once a revision order is placed it cannot be modified. All sales are final.
For off-Road race yse at sanctioned events only.