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Phearable Stage 3 Accord Ktuner Stage 3 Tune For 2018+ Honda Accord 2.0L Turbo

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Introducing the Ktuner Stage 3 Tune For 2018+ Honda Accord 2.0L Turbo Manual and Automatic Transmission Applications.

- Custom tune with extensive development for use stock vehicles and vehicles with bolt-ons such as PRL HVI or PRL Stage 1 intake, intercooler, downpipe, front pipe and exhaust. Intakes without a proper maf housing design may yield fuel trims which are not as good as the trims with the recommended intakes.
- REAL DynoJet results: 304 HP 363 TQ on a completely stock 2018 Honda Accord 2.0L Turbo.
- 314 HP 366 TQ 2018 Accord 2.0T Automatic, PRL HVI, PRL Intercooler Function Werk Race DP/FP.
- Power Gains: 50 HP 96 TQ over stock & 32 HP 55 TQ over Ktuner Stage 2
- Optimized first gear boost target.
- Optimized Lower Vtec Engagement Point.
- Optimized Fan Control Settings
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- End User Adjustable Throttle Padding & Throttle Responsiveness
- Rev Hang Delete (User adjustable for manual applications)
- Advanced VSA Settings (User adjustable)
- Full Throttle Shift At 5,000 rpms (Manual Vehicles Only)
- Launch Control At 3,000 rpms (Manual Vehicles Only)
- Stage 3 Tune Targets A Peak Boost Level Of 24~24.5 psi**
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions.

In Normal mode, all systems are calibrated to provide a pleasing balance of comfort, performance and efficiency.
In Sport mode, the dampers become firmer for flat cornering; the Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides a direct, linear feel; Agile Handling Assist becomes more aggressive in the corners; drive-by-wire throttle response is powerful and direct; the transmissions's shifting is quicker, and Active Sound Control gives the Accord a sportier exhaust note.
In ECON mode, the boost target becomes the stock normal mode 19.3 boost target, both the climate control system and the Drive-By-Wire throttle system take a more relaxed route to enhance fuel efficiency.

Fuel Octane:
Premium fuel is REQUIRED. 93oct+ recommended. QUALITY 91 octane can be used.
Use of lower quality fuel like California or Canada 91 octane may result in elevated k.con values which will increase knock retard.
If your fuel quality is poor, you may mix unleaded race fuel to achieve 93 octane or you may add 1 gallon of e85 per fill up from empty to increase fuel octane.
This tune is not compatible with a flex fuel kit. You would need our stage 4 flex fuel tune to run a flex fuel kit.

Compatible Ecu Software Numbers:

6B2-A0X 6B2-A2X 6B2-A5X 6B2-A6X 6B2-A7X
6B2-A8X 6B2-A9X 6B2-D5X 6B2-X5X 6B2-Y6X

Ecu software notes: *x= anything therefor if your ecu has the part number 37820-6B2-A06 then your ecu software is 6B2-A0X

How to check your ecu's software version:
You can visually inspect your ecu's part number on the ecu located on the drivers side of the engine bay near your intake.
The part number is printed on a white sticker on the left side of the ecu and starts in 37820
You may need to use a mirror or cell phone camera to be able to see the sticker. (Picture & instructions can be found by clicking here)
Alternately you can check in ktuner if you already have a ktuner unit.
1. Open Ktuner Software
2. Click on Tools
3. Select Ktuner Unit Info
4. Check the number under the Software column
5. Make sure your ecu is listed on our compatibility list.

If your vehicle's ecu software is not listed please do not place an order. Please contact us first.

Note: All sales are final. If you order the tune for a vehicle other then a compatible vehicle you cannot be refunded.
Tune files are not transferable. Support is provided to the original purchaser only. Tune files do not include any tune revisions or remote tuning.

*PLEASE NOTE: For Off-Road Race Use At Sanctioned Events Only.

Customer Reviews: From Geoffrey C:
I got in contact with Phearable on a Saturday. Got the KTuner V2 the following Tuesday. Everybody at Phearable has been helpful and they reply to questions very quickly. The normal stage 1 or stage 2 tunes that come preloaded will wake a car up. The Phearable stage 3 changes the car completely. My Accord is a true sleeper now. The best thing is it drives like a normal car until you want to accelerate. And my MPG is nearly the same as before. I highly recommend.