4 Port Boost Solenoid & Bracket


The 4-Port Boost Control Solenoid Kit allows precise boost control with a PWM (pulsewidth modulation) signal from a source (Engine Control Module or Electronic Boost Controller).

This solenoid can raise the boost level as high as 6-7 times the spring pressure of the wastegate and offers very precise control at very high boost levels.

The 4 Port Solenoid also allows you to use much lower wastegate spring pressures for better boost control when launching .

This kit can be used with single or multiple wastegates, and is compatible with almost every electronic boost controller and tuning software.

4-Port Boost Control Solenoid Kit Features Include:

-0-125 PSI pressure range

- (3) 1/8" NPT x 1/4" barbed male fittings and (1) sintered muffler

-Wire leads for easy install

-Non-polarized wiring

-Compatible with Haltech, Motec, Hondata, Neptune, AEM, Megasquirt, Holley, KTuner, and many more!