RV6 R660 RED Ball Bearing Turbo for 2.0T CIVIC / ACCORD / INTEGRA / TLX

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Our main goal of the R660 RED was to develop a robust and reliable turbocharger. First step to this was ditching the stock sized TD04 format. The TD04 design is popular amongst OE turbochargers for its small compact size and quick response. However trying to squeeze more than 400HP from such a small turbo is difficult to do reliably and comes at the cost of shortened life. In order to achieve our goals we needed to over build and upsize everything.

We built the R660 around a TD05 bearing housing. The TD05 bearing housing is about twice the size of the TD04. This allowed us to use a full sized 8mm ceramic ball bearing for quick spool and increased thrust loads. In order to keep everything cool and reliable. We oversized the coolant passages and used -10AN coolant lines ample cooling.

With a larger TD05 bearing housing we were able to implement a turbine housing with an A/R of 0.81. This significantly reduces the amount of back pressure between the turbo and engine. The solve many issues with unstable boost and overheating.

For the compressor and turbine wheels, we chose the newest technology with FEA optimized blade designs. The compressor wheel is a lightweight point milled forged billet design. While Inconel turbine wheels and shafts are normal with OE turbochargers. We know these turbos will be subjected to some of the harshest conditions. At great expense we chose a MAR-M Super Alloy turbine wheel and shaft. This super alloy can tolerate higher temperatures and loads.