ERS T3 & T4 Turbo Heat Shield Blankets


Available in T3 and T4 sizes.

T3 Model Fits: T25, T28, T3, GT25, GT28, GT30, GT32, GT35, GT37, Evo III-16G, all VF Series, 20G TD06.
T3 Dimensions: I.D. 2.5" Circumference: 19"
T3 available in Black, Grey, Blue, Titanium & Carbon Fiber

T4 Model Fits: Most T4 Turbos
T4 Dimensions: I.D. 3" Circumference: 22"
T4 available in Black, Titanium & Carbon Fiber

Blankets can withstand 1850°F

Fitted exhaust heat blanket reduces turbo lag and increases turbo spool time while significantly reducing under hood temperatures. An excellent heat barrier protecting the hood, hoses, and painted surfaces from residual heat damage.

Turbo blanket comes with stainless steel anchoring hooks incorporated in the shield along with free spring clips to make securing the blanket to your turbo fast and easy.

Constructed of high temperature ceramic insulating padding under a stainless steel wire mesh liner. A tough outer layer protects against oil spills, abrasions and road grime.